Lawn Care

Your lawn is a living thing and needs particular care and attention. Below are some of the benefits of the all encompassing package deal we offer. Our package deal will serve your lawn for the entire year at a surprisingly good rate per month*.

*Prices will vary based on lawn size.

Included in our package deal:

A soil sample will be taken from your lawn, this will help to determine the soil type and other factors which are important when selecting the correct fertilisers for your lawn.

Over time, the thatch layer builds up on your lawn. Aeration will allow all the good stuff head down into the soil profile where it should be.

The correct professional granular and foliar (liquid) fertiliser will be applied to your lawn on multiple occasions in spring, summer, autumn and winter. This is vitally important for your lawn. This contributes hugely to the appearance, health, stress tolerance and disease resistance of your lawn.

Over seeding will help to thicken your lawn and add more desirable grass species.

Scarification will help to remove old dead/weak shoots of grass and moss which then makes room for the favorable grasses.

Selective weedkiller will only kill the weeds in your lawn, leaving your good grass safe!

Your lawn can be treated with wetting agents to assist in moisture retention which will reduce the need for irrigation.

Top dressing with sand is a great way to eliminate thatch, open pore spaces and improve the drainage of your lawn.

Roll out turf is a great way to achieve a brand new, instant lawn.